Remember, if you continue to have questions even after you have read this page, you can contact us:

Email bonitoparaisobeachhouse@gmail.com,  WhatsApp  +54 9 11 3690 4747, or send us a message through the form at the end of the site.


1. What are the protocols for Covid-19?

We open our doors according to the Responsible Tourism Seal, coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism. Based on TurisAngra protocols and in accordance with current standards of health control, hygiene and safety.


In Bonito Paraíso it is safety policy that all activities are carried out prioritizing the care of the life and good health of the people involved. Therefore, we ask:


  • Respect the use of masks in common areas and vessels.

  • Minimum distance of 1.5 meters in order to avoid agglomerations. 

  • When you arrive at the hotel, don't touch anything before sanitizing your hands.

  • We recommend sanitizing your hands constantly.

2. What are the check-in and check-out times?

Check-in: from 13:00hs. (1p.m.)

Check-out:  11hs. (11a.m.)


3. How do I make a reservation?

To make a reservation you must fill out the form  https://bit.ly/30Mpp6n


We have a reliable and secure booking system. Card details are guaranteed.
After completing the form, we will send you the booking confirmation.
Payment must be in cash (5% discount), bank transfer or or credit card upon check-in.

Bonito Paraiso will not charge anything of your card and you do not need to make a deposit. The credit card will be taken as a guarantee only.


4. What is the cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is partially refundable. If you cancel more than 7 days in advance, you must pay 10% of the total value of the reservation. Cancellations with 7 or less days in advance do NOT have a refund and 100% of the value of the reservation will be charged. The same applies to "No Show" or early departures. In case of promotional rates, cancellation policies may vary (Christmas, New Year, Carnival, etc). It is not necessary to pay in advance.


Taxes and service charges: R$5 ISS per stay included + R$10 Municipal tax per stay included. The hosting service charge is not applicable.


Up to 7 days before your reservation, you can change the date of the reservation (subject to availability and prices may vary). The credits are valid for 12 months from the date of the canceled reservation.


5. Starting what age do children pay?

Children up to 3 years old do not pay. Those over 4 years old pay as an adult.

6. How much does it cost to add an extra bed?           

Each extra bed is R$180 per day.


7. What does the fare include?

Rates are per day, includes: room cleaning, Wi-Fi, a delicious and healthy breakfast and afternoon tea. Half an hour of Stand-Up and Kayaking per person.

Also, Bonito Paraíso provides chairs to be on the beach and snorkel masks.


The daily rate does not include: lunch, dinner, water transport, mainland or Abraão transfer, private speedboat tours, local guide for hiking and massages. Services are available for renting on site.


To book now or for more information you can write us: bonitoparaisobeachhouse@gmail.com

8. Is there a restaurant or bar in Bonito Paraíso?

Yes, in Bonito Paraíso, you can have lunch and dinner without having to go to Abraão.


Bonito Bar: open from 11hs (11a.m) to 18hs (6p.m.)

We offer food and beverage service.

We make our own dishes with fresh and native foods with innovative international styles.

We propose a different menu concept which takes place In Courses so that you can enjoy various flavors. The bar is situated on the seafront for a gourmet experience with unparalleled views. Also, you can eat a snack with oxtails or shrimp. And do not forget to order the caipirinha de jaca! For more informatión click here.


Marias Bistro: Open starting 19hs (7p.m.) until Midnight.

The evening restaurant is ideal to enjoy a quiet and romantic veil, set with candles, music and the sound of the sea.

The gastronomic elaboration is in charge of chef Cris, expert in Brazilian cuisine. We recommend ordering in advance as the dishes are made entirely upon request.


9. Do you have banks and ATMs?

In Ilha Grande there are no banks or ATMs.


10. Do you accept credit or debit cards on the island?

In Bonito Paradise we accept cash or credit card. Almost all shops, restaurants, supermarkets and tourist agencies accept credit and debit cards.

The most accepted are VISA, Mastercard and Amex.


In Conceição de Jacareí: There are no banks, but it has an ATM.


In Angra dos Reis: There are banks (Bradesco, Banco do Brasil) and all of them are located on the street "Cais de Santa Luzia" of the port, where you can draw money.

Warning: We do not recommend using the ATM 24hs that is next to the Gas Station, since it has several complaints of cloned cards.


* You can consult currencies and exchange types in www.x-rates.com

11. Do you have a shuttle service?

 Yes, we do offer shuttle services and Bonito Paraíso has its own dock.


Public Flex option:


  1. Private car to the port of Conceição de Jacareí. The value for one to three people is R$350 or for 4 people R$400.

  2. Flexboat  (between R$60/70 per person) to Abraão, leaves every hour. (To check on the service contact us through WhatsApp +55 24 999265826 or e-mail bonitoparaisobeachhouse@gmail.com, due to protocols during the pandemic the schedule can be modified) Journey time: 20 minutes.

  3. From Abraão to Abraãozinho it is possible to take a TaxiBoat  (R$15/R$20 per person). Journey time: 5 minutes.

Private Speedboat Option:

car+private boat


1- Private car to the port of Conceição de Jacareí

Value R$350 of a three people or R$400 for 4 people.


2- Private speedboat from Conceição de Jacareí to Bonito Paraíso (R$350 2 people / R$400 3 people / R$450 4 people). The Port is momentarily closed by Covid-19  or from Angra Dos Reis direct to Bonito Paraíso (R$400 2 people / R$450 3 people / R$500 4 people). Check through WhatsApp +55 24 999070307.


If you want a car to pick you up at the airport, please contact us via e-mail bonitoparaisobeachhouse@gmail.com with the following information:


- Airline name and flight number.

- Date and time of arrival.

- Airport Name.


If you are already staying in Rio de Janeiro, send us the following information:


- Name and address of the hotel.

- Date and time to be picked up.


Now, if you just want to hire the private speedboat, you can communicate directly via WhatsApp  +55 24 999 070307


12. Do you have cars on the island?

No, it's a reserve so cars must stay on the mainland. We can recommend a parking lot.


13. Is it possible to walk from Vila do Abraão to Bonito Paraíso?

Yes, it is a walk of approximately 30 minutes. The path is very beautiful through the relatively easy forest path with some small ascents and descents. It is crossed by all the intermediate beaches and depending on the height of the water it is possible that it is necessary to get your feet wet in a stretch of 15 meters near Praia Comprida. Check with the reception at Bonito Paraiso.


14. Is there somewhere I can leave my luggage?

We offer the possibility to leave your luggage free of charge.


15. Do you have an Internet connection?

Bonito Paraiso is located in a remote area and the stability of the connection varies. Wi-Fi is available free of charge to our guests, but is subject to weather conditions and the signal provider; these conditions apply to the whole island.


16. What should I take to Bonito Paraiso?

We recommend bringing:

- Beach towels

- Lanterns

- Sunscreen

- Insect repellent

- Necessary medicines, in Abraão there is a health post and drugstore.

- Cash

17. What are the characteristics of electric current?

The voltage is 110. The state provides electricity. We recommend bringing an adapter. Due to the island's high exposure to nature and its remote location, there are sometimes brief periods of blackout until the maintenance team arrives. For these occasions we have a generator (not suitable for use of AA).


18. Is it a safe place?

Abraãozinho is a very quiet and safe beach, so we do not have keys on the doors of the house. There are many security cameras on the beach and few escape routes. However, we recommend that you leave your valuables inside the rooms or safes to avoid inconvenience.



Ilha Grande is a very abundant ecological reserve in its nature, it remains virgin in almost all its land. In this way you will be able to appreciate all its native wealth of the flora and fauna. Bonito Paraiso is surrounded by vegetation, which is what makes this place so special. All rooms have mosquito nets on the beds so you can rest without interruptions.


Yellow fever:
In 2018, we had an outbreak of yellow fever. At the moment the situation is fully controlled but we recommend getting vaccinated before coming.
The vaccine is safe, effective and protects against diseases with a single lifetime application. Currently it is not an indispensable requirement for entry to the island.
We are a destination of incomparable natural beauty consolidated abroad and within the country itself, we practice tourism in a balanced, sustainable and responsible way, so our care for those who visit us.