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We have a beach bar, a large covered area and a gastronomic proposal unlike anything on offer on the island.

We offer international gourmet style dishes. Tasty and delicate made with fresh and local ingredients. Our environment inspires us to combine fish and seafood with fresh vegetables accompanied by delicious drinks to enjoy our magnificent beach. At Bonito Bar, we are passionate about high quality cocktails and are fanatical about reversing the classics with the highest quality ingredients.
To guarantee the flavor and texture of our cocktails, we choose fresh and natural fruits, flowers and herbs.
Every detail counts, that's why we select the right glassware, the amount of ice and the final presentation of each drink.


Don't miss the Jaca caipirinha!!!

Hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Bonito Paraíso also offers its space for holding events and congresses.

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