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Ilha Grande has more than 100 beaches with blue-green waters, lush vegetation formed by the Atlantic forest, trails full of adventures, wild animals, tropical climate all year round and welcoming people. In Ilha Grande you will always have many natural attractions to occupy your days, even if you spend 15 days here your options will be innumerable. It is the meeting point for tourists from all over the world: nature lovers, extreme sports fanatics or those looking for a quiet place to relax...

Bonito Paraíso provides beach chairs for you to spend all day relaxing in Abraãozinho Beach.

We also have snorkel masks and other activities available.


As a courtesy included with your stay: stand-up paddle and kayak for 30 minutes every day.

When you arrive at Bonito Paraiso we will give you information about all the tours available on the island. And you can make the reservation directly at our reception. This way the boats will look for you directly at our private dock.


ACTIVITIES at the Pousada


Snorkeling is the first step to diving in greater depth, requires little preparation and little equipment, a mask, a breathing tube (snorkel) and the optional fin. Basically anyone who knows how to swim can snorkel.

Head Massage
  • Relaxing Massage

  • Massage Therapy

  • Hot Stone Massage

Reduction of stress, anxiety, loosen muscles, improve muscle tone, relieve tensions and pain, causing an excellent feeling. 

You can make the reservation directly at our reception

Gourmet Restaurant
Bonito Bar

Enjoy the best combined gourmet-style local flavors, where you will try delicious dishes from a privileged view of the sea.

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Stand Up

For those who do not know stand up, also known as stand  up  paddle  boarding and stand  up  surfing, it is a hybrid sport that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, is born from the mix of surfing and rowing and is of Hawaiian origin. It can be practiced by adults and children regardless of weight, active or sedentary!

Stand-up has no prerequisites, let alone contraindications!

For our guests

30 minutes without charge per day!


Ilha Grande has numerous beaches that can be accessed in 20 or 30 minutes by rowing. Kayak is ideal for traversing the coves quickly and fun, in addition to which can provide totally different views of what you would have on land. They are safe and rowing is a great exercise. We recommend the kayak tour of the nearby beaches.

30 minutes without charge per day!

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ACTIVITIES on the Island

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Boat excursions

The Island offers many excursions to get to know the fun beaches:

Meia Volta: Lagoa Verde, Lagoa azul, Saco do Céu (lunch/lunch),Praia do Amor, Praia da Camiranga

Full Lap:  Caxadaço, Dois Rios (panoramic),  Parnaioca, Aventureiro, Meros + stop for lunch (lunch/lunch)

Paradisiacal Islands : Botinas Island,  Cataguáses Island,Dentist, Piety,lunchstop,Blue Lagoon.

Super Sul: Jorge Grego, Dois Rios,  Caxadaço  + Lopes Mendes


When you arrive in Bonito, we can provide all the information in our reception.


Private tour in Velero with the Yellow Boat family (El Barco Amarillo):

Bonito Paraíso and El Barco Amarillo invite you to sail between islands, learn how to use sails, anchor and homemade lunch in some peaceful and exclusive bay. ¡Jump overboard from the boat, stand up and snorkel with this family of sailors!


More info on Instagram  @el_barco_amarillo

Schooner Tours

The schooners are typical vessels of the region, built in wood, characterized by having 2 high masts and a long rod at the front.

Schooners are widely used vessels for tourism work throughout The Ilha Grande Bay. Ideal also to go to the famous Lopes Mendes Beach.


Ask for reservations and prices at the reception.

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Buceo en el arrecife

Ilha Grande is one of the best places to dive in Brazil. Both amateur and advanced divers find excellent underwater landscapes to explore. With clean, transparent water and pleasant temperature, you can visualize one of the highest concentrations of shipwrecks in the world. Most of them are European galleons that sank between the 16th and 19th centuries, because the island was battle territory; between pirates, corsicans and the Portuguese.


Light walks along paths and trails in the middle of the forest or by the sea, enjoy a wonderful scenery, which can thrill us when we contemplate nature, breathing the fresh air and feeling the sea breeze. For those who like to see nature more closely and witness every detail of Ilha Grande, walking is the best option. There are 16 official trails, signposted with information of difficulty, the average travel time, distances, points of historical and tourist attractions. All you need is a good pair of sneakers, water and an adventurous spirit. From Bonito you can go hiking to Lopes Mendes, Dos Rios and waterfall de Feiticeira and the Vila of Abraão.

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Playa tropical

Ilha Grande has 113 beaches of various sizes and characteristics, with sheltered waters or open sea. In general, the intimacy between the Atlantic forest and the sea is very great and in several places we observe the forest touching the sea. It is certain that each of the beaches of Ilha Grande has its own charm, it remains to be know which will be your favorite. The main places and beaches of the island are: Abraaozinho, Provetá, Araçatiba, Bananal, Enseada das Estrelas, Sítio Forte, Vermelha, Palmas, Dois Rios, Lopes Mendes, Aventureiro, Parnaioca,  Meros, Preta, Caxadaço, Lagoa Azul, Japariz, Freguesia de Santana, Praia do Amor, Camiranga, Praia da Longa, Ilha de Jorge Grego and Lagoa Verde.


Bonito Paraíso is the perfect place to hold events. From birthdays, conferences, yoga retreats, business events or the wedding of your dreams. Celebrating with sophistication in the midst of nature is possible. We have contact with several local suppliers and a wedding planner specialized in weddings held in Ilha Grande that offers valuable help in logistics and organization.

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